Galleria Blu: the history

(Traduzione a cura di Grazia Musumeci)

Panoramica della mostra "Stasera inauguro la mia mostra da Palazzoli"Set up on April 27th, 1957, the Galleria Blu immediately shows interest in the postwar avant-garde and struggles for its success by organizing one-artist exhibitions as those of Appel (1961), Burri (1958),  S.Delaunay (1976), Dubuffet (1960), Fontana (1964), Gorky (1964), Hartung (1958), Klein (1969), Kupka (1979), Manzoni (1970), Matta (1966), Michaux (1960), Moholy-Nagy (1962), Schumacher (1962), Vedova (1960), Wols (1960).
Special importance has been given -in advance- to the "historical avant-garde", just to mention some of the most important exhibitions, as: "Futurballa" (1959), Severini (1963), Depero (1965) e "Omaggio a Boccioni" (1966).

Panoramica della mostra "La scultura lingua morta?"Galleria Blu was the first one to house, in world exclusive, Burri (1959), Vedova (1960) and Fontana (1957) to whom it dedicated an exhibition in 1999, on the occasion of the artist's centenary. The title was: "Stasera inauguro la mia mostra da Palazzoli" (Tonight I open my exhibition at Palazzoli's) after the name of one of Fontana's art works celebrating his one-man exhibition at the Blu. To mention other exclusive exhibitions:  Santomaso (1984) e Bonalumi (1986).

Galleria Blu has also organized a series of historical exhibitions, among which we mention those of artists as Sutherland (1958), Soldati (1958), Bissier (1962), Ernst (1965), Agnetti (1971), Fautrier (1973), Isgrò (1974), Feininger (1974), Hockney (1977), Dine (1977) Lichtenstein (1977), Kounellis (1978), Kandinsky (1983), Braque (1984), Tancredi (1985), Manzoni (1988), Santomaso (1990), Dubuffet (1994), Wols (1994), Klee (1995), Picasso (1996), Schwitters (1996).

We also like to mention: "Quarantanni in Blu" (Forty years in Blu), a group exhibition to celebrate the 40th year of activity of Galleria Blu with the works by artists who exhibited in exclusive(1997), Chadwick(1998), Schultze(1998), "Fuoco Sacro"(Holy Fire), group exhibition with works by Dubuffet, Ernst, Licini, Mirò, Gorky and others(1999), Herbert Hamak(1999), Veronesi(1999), "La scultura Lingua morta?" (Sculpture, a dead language?), with works by Arp, Chillida, Giacometti, Manzù, Moore, Marini, Melotti, Nevelson, Wildt and others(1999).

In year 2000 one-man exhibitions of Max Ernst and Giuseppe Santomaso; in 2001 "Quarantaquattro Blu", the exhibition that celebrated 44 years of activity of the gallery with works by Chagall, Picasso, Fontana and other famous names of the 20th century plus a one-man exhibition of Alberto Burri titled "Burri & Palazzoli - the Holy Alliance". In 2002 the exhibition "i 4 Blu", was dedicated to Klee, Kandinsky, Feininger e Jawlensky , while "Sensorialità e astrazione" (Sensority & Abstraction) showed the one-man exhibition by Agostino  Bonalumi and "L'esercizio della libertà"  (Practice of Freedom), one-man exhibition by Gastone Novelli.

Panoramica della mostra "La scultura lingua morta?"In 2003 "Out of the Blu - Picasso, Nicholson and more": a group exhibition including not only the names of famous "maestri" but also new artists, "Getting blu" was a selection of recent works by nine modern artists, both italians and foreigners: Marc Ash, Paolo Biassoni, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Federico Guida, Eckhard Kremers, Davide Nido, Egle Reggio, Lorenz Spring, Alberto Zamboni and, starting from October 14th, 2003 on: "Lynn Chadwick", one-man exhibition dedicated to the sculptor who passed away in 2003.

From April to late June 2004, the exhibition: "Klee-Santomaso: Observers of sense", from September 27th to November 10th: "Bissier Nicholson, To the Absolute" and, from November 2004 to March 2005: "Legami: Ascendenze Elettive" (Bonds: Elective Ascendants), a distance comparison between modern artists and "maestri" of the 20th century, under the sponsorship of  the Sport and Youth field of  Milan's municipal authority.

Panoramica della mostra "La scultura lingua morta?"In 2005 the exhibition "Legami: Ascendenze Elettive" continues, then, from April to July, the one-man exhibition by Otto Dix: "Otto Dix - 16 water colour paintings for Ursus" will be housed and, from October 4th, 2005, the exhibition: "Agostino Bonalumi: Extroversion from canvas to sculpture".

In 2006 from february to april the exhibition: "Apollo e Dioniso - A possibile reconciliation", with works by Burri, Dubuffet, Fautrier, Fontana, Twombly, Tancredi, Vedova and other artists of the informal art, from  may to july : "Colour and geometry - Italian historical abstractionism" and from october to december: "Davide Nido - Coriandoli e Tutto (Confetti and Everything)".

In 2007 from February 13th to April 27th: "Per una storia della pittura - Da Boccioni a Duchamp"(An history of painting - from Boccioni to Duchamp) , with works by Archipenko, Wols, Feininger, Ernst, Picasso, Nolde, Robert Delaunay, Sonia Delaunay, Klee, Kandinsky, Jawlensky, Schwitters, Dix, Braque, Balla, Boccioni, Tanguy, Morandi, Giacometti, Duchamp, Schiele and Magritte.

From May 7th to July 17th: "Per una storia dell'arte - Da Klein a oggi" (An history of the Art - from Klein to nowadays), works by Pollock, Chadwick, Dubuffet, Fautrier, Klein, Hartung, Jason Martin, Tapies, Afro, Burri, Fontana, Gallizio, Manzoni, Novelli, Gaetano Pesce, Santomaso, Tancredi, Vedova, Agostino Bonalumi, Sandro Martini, Shusaku Arakawa, Emilio Isgrò, Vincenzo Ferrari, Vincenzo Agnetti, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Federico Guida, Davide Nido and Alessandro Verdi.

From September 25th to November 9th: "Lynn Chadwick", the seventh one-man exhibition the gallery dedicates to this artist.

From November 20th, 2007 to January 12th, 2008: "Vincenzo Ferrari - Carte d'identità (recenti)" (Vincenzo Ferrari - [recent] Identity Cards).

From May 20th to July 4th 2008: "Claudio Costa - Dove è l'alto? Dove è il basso?" (Claudio Costa - Where is up and where is down?).